Exclusive Venues has become a phenomenal ABIA Accredited Wedding Venue Supplier and Marketing Brand in South Africa! 

Apart from our very own Winelands Venue in Southern Paarl – Villa Visaggio’s, we have facilitated and promoted four beautiful Wedding & Events Venues in the Western Cape for the past 6 years. 

Our Mission is to invite EXCLUSIVE wedding venues all over South Africa, to become part of the Exclusive Venues Group. 

Let us Brand, Grade, Promote and Market your Wedding Venue and bring all those Exclusive Clients to your Exclusive Venue! 


This is how the process works... 

  • Identify your establishment – through the grading criteria and determine which of the 5 categories your establishment fits into.
  • Grade yourself – from One Ring to Five Rings, decide which ring level you belong to. Yes, we all want a Five Ring grading, but remember level-headed aiming is the key to success.
  • Complete an Application – fill in all your important details. Our assessor will then prepare to visit your establishment.
  • Settle your Invoice – once you receive it from the Exclusive Venues Group, you need to pay on time before your Assessor (or as some like to call him/her), your Ring Grader, can pay you a visit.
  • Make an appointment with your Assessor – this needs to be done so that he/she can perform (drum roll…) ‘the big assessment’.
  • Grading submissions take place – your Assessor submits the recommended Ring Grade and his motivation behind it to the monthly Awards Committee meeting for approval.
  • You are officially welcomed to the Exclusive Venues Group – if approved by the committee, you’ll receive a full report on your grading assessment and a warm welcome to the Exclusive Venues Group.
  • Your certificate arrives – this must be on display in your reception area. You can smile proudly when this arrives, knowing that you’ve earned it.
  • Your Ring Grading plaque arrives – this shiny new attribute must also be displayed with your certificate.
  • You are officially a Ring Graded Wedding Venue – so let the marketing games begin!  

Your commitment to quality assurance for a minimum of 2-year means you can provide your customers with confidence in the quality you offer for two years. Remember to submit a written notice, 6-months prior to your anniversary date should you wish to exit the system at any time. 


Once achieved, as proud as you will be of your Ring Grading Status, in order for it to remain valid it must be renewed annually by an Exclusive Venues Ring Grading Assessor. Should you decide not to get renewed, you will have to remove all marketing collateral that refers to,  displays or even hints at the Exclusive Venues and its Ring Grading. The reason for this is that the Exclusive Venues Group has sole rights to this intellectual property, which is clearly stated in our legal information. To lawfully comply, all things like your business cards, websites, brochures, leaflets, signage and letter-heads or anything that features Exclusive Venues branding must be removed. 

Why become a Ring Graded Wedding Venue? 

There are so many wonderful rewards that come with Exclusive Venues Ring Grading. The positives are endless. To simplify the matter, we’ve put together a ‘hot list’ of the most popular benefits that are yours when you take part in our ever-so-easy grading process. 
Hotlist of Benefits: 

  • http:// – Website Exposure as a Ring Graded Facility.
  • - Facebook live updates and Campaigns.
  • - Twitter live updates and news feeds.
  • – African Bridal Academy Institution Accreditation Exposure.
  • Quarterly Wedding Suppliers Business Network Event, Hosted by Exclusive Venues.
  • Public Exposure - Bridal Exhibitions, Bridal Fairs, CTICC, INDABA. 
  • Quarterly Online Exclusive Magazine – Top Rated, Live Weddings Exposure. 
  • Quarterly Site Visits from the Exclusive Venues Team to ensure up keeping. 
  • Monthly Exclusive Venues News Letter covering Target Market users 
  • Have direct access to Local & International Brides through our strategic online partnerships with booming wedding supplier sites. 
  • Connect with potential couples and service providers through our close business association with ABIA, SA Weddings, T.A.C.O.T & Our Wedding Suppliers Network Events. 
  • Benefit immensely from exclusive rights that enable you to display our globally recognised Ring Graded Plaque that gives your establishment the immediate premium quality recognition it deserves 
  • Be given a huge competitive advantage over all ungraded establishments from the word ‘go’. 

Ever wondered how a little Ring can go a long way?  This should put it into perspective for you.  Being an Exclusive Venue Ring Graded Establishment wins your consumer's confidence, instantly.  It is that unspoken advantage you have over all ungraded establishments from the starting block of every race.  You will also have the invaluable benefit of being profiled in all Exclusive Venues Marketing campaigns that include above-the-line (traditional) advertising like Print and Outdoor, as well as, below-the-line advertising such as Promotions, Online and Public Relations.

Rings are made to shine! So as a Ring Graded Establishment, you are free to use the Exclusive Venues logo or your well-deserved Ring/s in all your marketing material like print ads, business cards, websites, brochures, letterheads etc. You will also enjoy a free listing on our website, which puts you in touch with a brand new audience of eager and potential clients. And as a Ring Graded Establishment, you have exclusive rights to advertise in our official Exclusive Venues Online Magazine that’s distributed locally and internationally, offering you widespread coverage. 

The certificate and plaque that you will receive after your Ring Grading has been approved is an instantly recognisable sign or worldwide symbol if you prefer, of excellent quality for everyone to see. 

We at the Exclusive Venues Group extensively advertise Ring Grading to consumers, Wedding Planners and service providers, which will keep Ring Graded Establishments like yours top of mind.
Our Exclusive Venues Customer Feedback System gives you all the customer feedback you need to maintain and possibly improve your Ring Grading. To give their feedback, your customers can call the 
Exclusive Venues Feedback Centre on 0218371226 or contact us through our website, In doing so, your Ring Grading sets a constant and valuable quality control tool in place.
As an Exclusive Venues Ring Graded Establishment, you can be sure that we will always be in touch with you. But in a brief yet valuable way that keeps you up to date on important updates, the latest wedding trends, views and smarter ways for you to maintain or improve your Ring Grading status – simply because everyone deserves a chance to become even better at what they do.
Exclusive Venues Group - looking forward being of service to you!